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Distinguishing Between Benign and Cancerous Thyroid Nodules

Susan J. Mandel, MD, MPH, of Perelman School of Medicine at the University of Pennsylvania, discusses the 2014 American Thyroid Association guidelines for patients with thyroid nodules and thyroid cancer. The initial draft was shared with attendees at ICE/ENDO 2014.

In particular, she elaborates on methods for diagnosis. For the guidelines, Dr. Mandel and colleagues reviewed evidence on sonographic patterns and created an atlas of these patterns that will be part of the guidelines. These will help clinicians determine whether a nodule will need to be biopsied or not. A nodule of a certain size with a high-suspicion pattern, for example, may require further investigation while another with a low-suspicion pattern may not. Hopefully, this will help clinicians in the diagnosis of thyroid cancer.

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JAD commented on November 26, 2015
I felt the title "Distingui­shing Between Benign and Cancerous Thyroid Nodules" was misleading as I learned nothing about distinguishing between nodules, only that they had discussed it. Disappointing.